Additive Masterbatch Concentrates
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Rowa Inc. Additive Masterbatch Concentrates
Rowa Inc. produces innovative Additive Materbatch Concentrates for a variety of applications & processes.
Rowa Inc. Additive Masterbatch Concentrates are formulated for use in a broad range of polymers to 
improve processability and finished product performance.  
Coupling Agents - Compatibilizers - Scavengers
           ● R-Bond 4000
Chemically Modified Polypropylene Coupling Agent
            ● Trastab OS Series - oxygen scavengers
Processing Aids
          ● Antistatic Agents
          ● Release Agents     
          ● Flow Modifiers    
          ● Peroxides
Ultraviolet - Antioxidant 
          ● UV Absorbers (UV - UVA)
          ● UV Inhibitors (UV- UVI)
          ● Antioxidants (AO) Fragrances
          ● Multifunctional Formulations                                  ● Masking Agents
~ UV, AO, CFA, Color ……                                  ● Odor Control
Misc. Additive Masterbatch Concentrates    Cycle Time Reduction - Nucleation 
          ● Purging Concentrates              ● ROWA Cycle Plus 
 ROWA Purge - Concentrated Purge Agent                        Cycle Time Reduction 
          ● Antifog                        Extrusion & Inj. Molding 
          ● Low Gloss - Matt Finish              ● ROWA Color Plus 
          ● Light Diffused                         Dispersion & Dimensional 
          ● Flame Retardant (FR)              ● Tracel Nucleation Agents 
                    RoHS Compliant & Non Halogen     
          ● Laser Marking    
Can't find the additive - masterbatch concentrate you're looking for?  Ask, we make many different  
types of high load concentrates for specific requirements / applications.  Chances are we have a  
formulation to fit your needs or can produce it.