Our values - Our Goals

  • We delight our customers
    Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success. With the highest motivation and best products, we create customized solutions that are excellent, customer-oriented service and flexibility more than satisfies all the requirements. Thus, satisfaction of enthusiasm.
  • We enhance quality of life
    With highly specialized materials for products that make life easier and safer plastics. In all walks of life around us things plastic. Packaging, clothing, mobility, medicine - Plastics enrich our world, give people safe food, protective clothing, and countless other amenities.
  • We take responsibility
    For our services with extensive certifications and quality management systems. For our environment with consistent legal compliance. For our employees, with a strong social commitment and competence. As a family company we are in the best interests of our people and their personal development. We reject all forms of discrimination and harassment. We show understanding and respect in our dealings with each other. We provide a culturally diverse work environment, where employees bring in different countries in their teams ability to increase our competence and simultaneously enrich our corporate culture.
  • We learn and share our knowledge
    Different products require highly customized materials. We respond to the constantly changing requirements of experience, research and development - and initiate new. Solutions that provide innovative products only, setting new standards and making our customers successful.
  • We are long-term success
    We appreciate the value of enduring personal relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners. Securing jobs, we are committed in a certain extent. The prerequisite is that together we also have long term success and generate profits for necessary investments. With reliability and tradition of mutual trust.